IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. is currently recruiting for a PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR for their Chambord, QC client.


Reporting to the Production Superintendent, the supervisor ensures the normal flow of activities at the level of the production line by making the full contribution of each member of his team. He ensures the cohesion of his group, adjusts to the various constraints and efficiently manages all the equipment and resources made available to him. He ensures that everyone evolves safely and masters each aspect of his task, he therefore contributes concretely to the general development of his team in order to achieve the plant’s objectives, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

He ensures that risk analyzes are carried out in a timely manner and systematically sees to the safe execution of tasks in accordance with applicable standards. He performs usage checks and ensures that the equipment under his responsibility is in good working order. He anticipates and detects any anomaly that could harm the mission of his team and sees to quickly and effectively solve the problems with safe and adapted solutions. He respects the order of orders and communicates with his group so that everyone fully understands their role and can mobilize quickly.

It is seen as an effective change agent and also as a guardian of recognized quality standards. In addition to these responsibilities, the following tasks are added:

Empower and develop the team so that everyone understands the importance of their contribution and fully plays their role according to their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Embed the Safety value into daily operations, lead by example at all levels and act as a role model.

Remain rigorous and critical in risk analysis, ensure that all employees master and follow lockout procedures before intervening.

Ensure all team members understand the importance of following proper procedures when handling hazardous materials and follow up on a regular basis.

Respect the order of orders, give consistent instructions, mobilize teams to optimize the use of equipment regardless of the constraints associated with it.

Supervise training for the various positions and see to the development of versatility and cohesion which ensures the normal course of production activities at all times.

Ensure the proper functioning of environmental systems and carry out the necessary follow-up with his group to report any anomalies in order to intervene promptly and correct any deviations.

Manage attendance and all that that implies, empower employees and ensure effective replacement during absences, various leaves, vacations or other, if necessary ensure the development of a few reservists.

Participate in generating the information required for the production of the payroll of the members of his team.

Supervise the progress and implementation of improvement projects and involve team members to meet deadlines.


The ideal candidate has five (5) years of experience in a supervisory position in the manufacturing environment and bilingualism may be an asset. Hold a college diploma in a technical field or a Bachelor of Engineering and / or any other relevant experience deemed equivalent;

Qualified and interested applicants are encouraged to apply today in confidence by sending your resume as a MS Document to –