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The Pharmacist is the health care expert in the organization and provides safe, effective, and direction in the most appropriate use of medication in the achievement of optimal drug therapy outcomes. The Pharmacist is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dispensary. The Pharmacist provides pharmaceutical care, which requires the application of clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment of the pharmacist in the assessment and resolution of the patient’s drug-related needs. The Pharmacist influences the operations of the dispensary and that all legislation pertaining to pharmacy practice is upheld and Standards of Practice and the organization’s Code of Ethics are followed.

The Pharmacist is responsible for mentorship and guidance of other pharmacy staff including Pharmacist Technicians and/or Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacy Students or Interns.

Reports to:  Pharmacy Manager


Participation in the Continuing Competency Program through the Alberta College of Pharmacists to:

  • continuously improve your level of professional knowledge and skill,
  • take responsibility for maintaining a high standard of professional competence,
  • evaluate your individual practice and assume responsibility for improvement, and
  • keep informed about new pharmaceutical knowledge.

In addition to the technical competencies required for the performance of their role, the Pharmacist will also consistently demonstrate patient centered care through:


working with or on behalf of patients facing systemic barriers to adequate care

Multicultural competence: Developing an awareness of one’s own cultural values and biases

  • Learning to value others’ worldviews
  • Developing a set of culturally appropriate interpersonal skills


  • Meeting patients, clients, and the public where they are at

Role Model

As a valued leader of a service oriented team, it is imperative that the Pharmacist role model the customer service expectations we have for all frontline staff.  These standards should be reflected in all interpersonal interactions with patients and customers, contributing to the overall success by improving community relationships as well as maintaining or enhancing it’s reputation as both a pharmacy provider and a community based service entity.


Medication Management

  • Using all pertinent information, assess each new or repeat prescription for appropriateness, safety and efficacy in relation to the unique needs and abilities of the patient and their desired therapeutic outcomes.
  • Review medications and collaborate with the patient and other health care providers when necessary to determine, select, and recommend appropriate therapeutic options best suited for the patient.
  • Refer to another health care professional as required.
  • Dialogue with the patient regarding medication therapy. Provide information pertaining to proper administration; proper drug storage and handling conditions; common adverse reactions and how to mitigate; signs and symptoms of a therapeutic response, therapeutic failure, or adverse reaction; cautions regarding activities, foods or other drugs used concurrently; and when it is essential to seek additional care or advice.
  • Develop and implement plans to monitor the patient’s progress, reinforce and facilitate medication adherence, and assess therapeutic outcomes.
  • Document actions taken in the care of the patient and communicate with other health care providers where appropriate.

Customer Service and Service Excellence

  • Assess all prescriptions for legality and appropriateness.
  • Check all out-going prescriptions to ensure correctness, or ensure that an appropriately trained pharmacy technician is available to do so where appropriate.
  • Release all prescriptions to the correct customer.
  • Communicate with other health care professionals and customers to clarify information, to make appropriate recommendations and to request orders.
  • Communicate with third party insures to ensure that the customer is receiving all benefits available to them.
  • Deal with customer concerns, and engage the pharmacy manager where appropriate.
  • Document all patient interactions, health professional consultations, and any other information necessary to comply with pharmacy legislation.
  • Receive all verbal prescriptions and requests for prescription copies as well as obtaining prescription copies from other pharmacies.
  • Prepare extemporaneous compounds for patients including calculation of ingredients, identifying the appropriate procedure, assessing stability and compatibility of the formulation and checking the final product.
  • Counsel all customers on drug, non-drug and health information when indicated.
  • Refer the patient and the patient’s caregiver to relevant agencies where appropriate. 

Chronic Disease Management

  • Consistently apply all medication management principles.
  • Initiate, modify, monitor and continue drug therapy for chronic disease under a collaborative agreement with the patient and other health care providers using agreed-upon protocols and all pertinent information.
  • Request appropriate diagnostic tests when warranted and act on the findings.
  • Educate the patient, the patient’s caregiver, and other health care professionals in the management of chronic disease based on relevant sources of clinical information and lifestyle interventions.
  • Encourage the use of self-monitoring tools to assist in the management of chronic disease where appropriate.

Health Promotion/Screening

  • Develop and promote healthy living on an individual or community basis through the promotion of positive choices that enhance both physical and mental health.
  • Endorse immunization programs within the established protocols in support of public health.
  • Identify behavior associated with increased health risks and take an active role in educating those at risk.
  • Screen patients at risk for chronic diseases or for diagnostic purposes for early identification and referral.

Patient Self-Care

  • Assist the patient in selecting appropriate self-care regimens (for both drug and non-drug) through the use of assessment/triage/screening algorithms.
  • Assess drug-related treatment options in consideration of the patient’s current medication regime and health condition.

Patient Safety

  • Ensure compounds are prepared using quality ingredients and following a compounding formula from a reputable source.
  • Ensure sterile products are prepared according to guidelines established by a reputable source.
  • Assess potential for harm following medication incidents and communicate with the patient, the patient’s caregiver, and other health care professionals to assure patient safety.
  • Document medication incidents or “near-misses” in order to better understand and prevent adverse drug events.
  • Report adverse drug reactions to effectively contribute to the post-marketing surveillance of drugs
  • Answer all questions from the patient to the best of their ability and endeavor to research and find an appropriate response when the answer is not known
  • Appropriately assess the customer and recommend a Schedule 2 product for sale if indicated, document the interaction
  • Recommend Schedule 3 products for sale if indicated
  • Handle all drug errors discovered and report them to the pharmacy manager
  • Sign narcotic drug orders


  • Acts as a professional in all matters
  • Supervises the duties performed by pharmacy technicians, assistants, students, and interns
  • Assist the pharmacy manager with performance evaluation of staff
  • Ambassador of the Mint Health + Drugs brand
  • Assists with the inventory processes in the dispensary

In furtherance of the mission to help people feel better, the Pharmacist will mentor students, interns and other pharmacy staff by demonstrating the following behaviours

  • recognize mentor roles and responsibilities
  • share knowledge about professional role share knowledge of ACP goals and values
  • initiate and foster a mentoring relationship utilizing sound interpersonal and communication skills
  • utilize open-ended questions and other communication strategies to deepen communication with mentees
  • provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for mentees to express ideas and concerns
  • provide timely support and understanding when the mentee experiences setbacks
  • provide constructive feedback for mentees related to progress in meeting objectives and overall professional development
  • assist mentees to identify areas for improvement
  • assist mentee to develop critical reflective professional practices
  • role model reflective practice
  • provide assistance for professional problem solving and conflict resolution
  • encourage reflection on progression in competencies
  • share past successes and challenges
  • celebrate successes together
  • support and encourage mentee career planning (short and long term)
  • support mentees in goal identification and objective setting


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy
  • A member in good standing of the college of pharmacists, including a valid license
  • Completed an internship or fellowship within a retail pharmacy environment
  • Additional Prescribing Authority or willingness to attain
  • Valid Injection Certification or willingness to attain 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Computer proficiency with Word, Excel spreadsheets, Operis, Netcare, and other database programs.
  • Very strong interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Takes initiative and exercises independent judgment.
  • Understands scientific methodology as it pertains to research
  • Very strong attention to details.
  • Accepts and manages change effectively.
  • Remains current with new advances on health and pharmacy related matters and pharmaceutical products
  • Desire to learn and engage in professional development
  • Must be double vaccinated

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