IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. is currently looking to hire PHARMACY MANAGER IN TRAINING – CHURCH STREET for our Edmonton, AB client.


Located in Edmonton’s McCauley neighborhood, we’re proud to be part of a vibrant and diverse community. At Church Street, we believe in making an impact in our patients’ lives beyond pharmacy advice. We take the time to explore each person’s unique circumstances, learn their story and understand their concerns. By learning about our community and its needs, we’re able to provide quality patient care.

Purpose of the position:

Pivotal to the success of the pharmacy operation, the Pharmacy Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management, long term planning and operations of the pharmacy and the front store. The Pharmacy Manager is also responsible for leading the organization’s Business Continuity programs and for oversight of the safety of stakeholders, preventative maintenance of equipment, and inventory management. The Pharmacy Manager ensures only pharmacists influence the operations of the dispensary and that all legislation pertaining to pharmacy practice is upheld and Standards of Practice and the organization’s Code of Ethics are followed.

Direct reports include all dispensary staff.

Reports to:  Director of Operations


In addition to the competencies outlined in the Pharmacist Job Description, the Pharmacy Manager consistently demonstrates:

  • Social intelligence (SI) with the capacity to understand different social situations and dynamics and the ability to operate effectively in various social situations.
  • The ability to mitigate and manage the negative impacts of conflict while using conflict situations to enhance group learning and outcomes.
  • A willingness to take accountability for all decisions and knowing when a decision is a management decision, a consultative decision or a delegated decision.
  • An understanding of change management practices by preparing, supporting, and guiding teams through various organizational changes.
  • Interpersonal skills by using active listening, giving and receiving feedback, (non) verbal communication, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.
  • The ability to understand and manage their own emotions and the ability to understand people’s emotions and emotional situations;
  • Self-awareness by acknowledging and improving on their personal weaknesses
    Awareness of personal biases, as well as flaws in the system, and work hard to ensure a meritocracy.
  • The agility to embrace change while maintaining focus on long term strategy and goals
  • The ability to act as a role-model, recognizes/ acknowledges others for demonstrating organizational citizenship behavior


Role Model

Pharmacy Managers are vital to the success of our client’s Mission to help people feel better. Through role modeling and practicing patient centered care, the Pharmacy Manager provides top-tier service to our community while maintaining and promoting reputation of excellence and demonstrating our values.

As a valued leader of a service oriented team, it is imperative that the Pharmacy Manager role model the customer service expectations we have for all frontline staff.  These standards should be reflected in all interpersonal interactions with patients and customers, contributing to the overall success of Mint by improving community relationships as well as maintaining or enhancing reputation as both a pharmacy provider and a community based service entity.

Pharmacy Licensee

  • Act as the Licensee and ensure that the pharmacy’s license is renewed annually
  • Ensure all pharmacists are in good standing with all applicable professional bodies
  • Display the pharmacy license in the dispensary
  • Notify the ACP of any staffing changes and the hours of operation of the pharmacy
  • Ensure that a pharmacist is always on duty
  • Ensure that the pharmacy complies with all of the standards outlined in legislation
  • Ensure that the pharmacy complies with all of the standards related to adequate space, facilities, resources, medication error management procedures and supplies to fulfill the needs of the profession and the customers
  • Ensure that the operations of the pharmacy comply with the agreements made between the pharmacy and third party insurers
  • Cooperate with auditors and respond to audits in a timely manner

Information Technology

  • In collaboration with directors, establishes IT needs and is the main liaison with IT providers
  • Leads the planning, development, security and management of the IT systems and network
  • Develops and effectively communicates and implements IT policies and new initiatives
  • Oversees all IT related purchasing and budget development for the pharmacy assigned
  • Is the point of contact for troubleshooting computer and network issues
  • Ensures coordination of computerized technology systems. 

General Management:

  • Hires and terminates the employment of pharmacy staff
  • Oversees occupational health and safety including business continuity planning and ensures OH&S compliance
  • Schedules staff to ensure appropriate staffing levels
  • Oversees investigation of accidents and injuries; completing necessary paperwork
  • Maintains strict confidentiality and compliance with the Privacy Act and Health Information Act
  • Ensures the education, training and professional development of all staff, including site orientation
  • Recruits, disciplines, motivates, rewards, evaluates performance and ensures team members are prepared for success
  • Implements and oversees an asset and inventory management system
  • Researches alternative products and suppliers that provide operational benefits to Mint Health + Drugs
  • Establishes and maintains high quality service program standards and ensures positive relationships with patients and customers
  • Oversees the development of plans and implements goals and objectives
  • Analyzes variances, compiles and studies revenues and costs and initiates corrective actions when appropriate
  • Effectively communicates relevant information to Director of Operations


  • Evaluates the performance of other pharmacy staff members at least annually, to ensure that they are working within scope and fulfilling the duties and responsibilities expected of them
  • Provides appropriate feedback to all staff in a timely manner as it pertains to performance, behavior, and changes
  • Conducts periodic staff meetings to discuss the operations of the pharmacy and receives feedback and comments from the staff members
  • Monitors, audits, implements improvements, and policies related to security of the facilities
  • Establishes a quality improvement program, which includes the defining quality and standards, assessing performance, determining compliance, taking corrective action to continuously improve the efficiency of the operations
  • Implements and monitors all necessary loss prevention measures
  • Acts as a “responsible affiliate” and performs necessary duties as outlined in the Health Information Act
  • Ensures all staff members and the dispensary operates and appear professional at all times
  • Performs all duties of a staff pharmacist as required

Human Resources:

  • Develops team goals that are fully aligned with corporate goals in service and community involvement
  • Leads and coaches the team to recruit and retain high caliber staff
  • Provides coaching, guidance and support, sets professional development plans to assist employees to reach their full potential through the Performance Management process.
  • Champions change and effectively manages the implementation of new ideas
  • Leads the inventory processes in the dispensary
  • Manages the process to correct all drug errors, make changes to the policies and procedures of the pharmacy to decrease the likelihood of errors
  • Manages customer service interactions and ensures complaints are resolved when other staff cannot resolve the issue(s)
  • Acts as a Preceptor to pharmacy interns and students


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy
  • A member in good standing of the college of pharmacists, including a valid license
  • Minimum one year experience within a retail pharmacy environment
  • Minimum of three years of progressively responsible, successful supervisory and managerial experience
  • Additional Prescribing Authority or willingness to attain
  • Valid Injection Certification or willingness to attain

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Computer proficiency with Word, Excel spreadsheets, Kroll, Netcare, and other database programs.
  • Very strong interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Effective leader and motivator of employees.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Communicates effectively at all levels.
  • Takes initiative and exercises independent judgment.
  • Understands scientific methodology as it pertains to research
  • Very strong attention to details.
  • Ability to recognize and manage change effectively.
  • Must be double vaccinated

Qualified and interested applicants are encouraged to apply today in confidence by sending your resume as a MS Document to