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IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. is an Edmonton, Alberta boutique executive search firm that specializes in “Meeting the Demands of Employers & Job Seekers Around the Globe”. We do this by bridging the gap between IN DEMAND skills and IN DEMAND opportunities.

The overall quality of our recruits are unsurpassed. Whether you call our recruiters headhunters, search consultants, chief talent scouts or relationship brokers, our staff are considered to be experts, delivering the best quality of candidates in the market in comparison to our competition.

Along with our excellent recruiting skills, we boast a 98% placement rate versus the 71% industry standard. Our repeat client business is almost 20% more than the average recruitment agency, as reflected in our satisfied customer testimonials. Need further proof? Check out our Testimonials page to read our clients’ opinions about the caliber of our service.

IN DEMAND’s track record is typically two-four weeks quicker (depending on the position) than our competition. Our collective, direct industry experience coupled with our research capabilities and comprehensive resources allow us to perform with a sense of urgency in responding to our clients’ needs.

Our recruiters directly manage every facet of your search from the initial briefing through to the post-hire follow up. This extra detail has been one of the most recognized and appreciated aspects from our clients when using our firm versus competition. Our recruiters customize each search to recruit the best candidates from strategically targeted companies and are committed to directly managing the entire process which ensures our interests are directly in line with that of our client’s – attracting the best talent in the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Our search process includes 5 critical components:

A comprehensive understanding of the client’s organization and position

Conducting in-depth research on competitors, job specifics, etc.

Recruiting, interviewing and screening candidates

Developing client interview strategy and debriefing

Managing the offer, closing and follow up

IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. utilizes a consultative business process that saves both the client and candidate a significant amount of time and resources. We are also a member of NPA Worldwide.  NPAworldwide is a global recruitment network that promotes split-fee placements. Our top recruiter network enables members to better serve their clients through extended geographic reach, greater access to industry specialization and improved operating efficiencies.  In the process, members benefit from increased profitability and a stronger competitive position.

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