Stefanie Howse and her team at IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. are fantastic to work with. I first met Stefanie when we were looking for a very specific skillset/candidate for Project/Technical Inside Sales at our Alberta location. Previously we had been advertising on our own but had very little success in finding quality/qualified candidates. After a site visit and a short conversation with Stefanie about our wants and needs for the role, we had two premium candidates emailed over within the first few days, and one the following week. These candidates were all pre-screened, interviewed and came with a synopses of their reference checks, relatable experience, education and remuneration ranges.

Stefanie is personable, professional, passionate and extremely dedicated to her craft. She is by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with and we will continue to work with her and her team for years to come. I would highly recommend Stefanie and the IN DEMAND team for any roles your organization may have.

Tyler Reil

Fabco Plastics Western Ltd.

Top marks for IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. and Stefanie Howse! I first met Stefanie Howse through Tempur Sealy as we decided to try out her Recruitment Services for a local hire that was needed in Edmonton. When we began our candidate search, we included IN DEMAND as well as a few of the more “established” agencies. Within a very short time-span, I had several excellent candidates to review and choose from, all supplied by IN DEMAND. We had a few candidates supplied by other firms as well but a number of excellent prospects forwarded came from IN DEMAND fast. Stefanie Howse was our direct liaison with IN DEMAND and she was quite simply an absolute pleasure to work with. Always professional, extremely prompt and personable, and always following up to ensure that our concerns were looked after. Stefanie is top notch! One of the best I have ever worked with and she knows her stuff! There were several times when we needed to discuss details for particular candidates with the IN DEMAND office. Their support staff was meticulous in their detail and beyond measure in their courtesy. Their personal touch told me that I was at the top of their priority list and it reflected in the way they responded promptly to my e-mails and calls. IN DEMAND has met and surpassed every expectation I had here at TempurSealy and not only have they become the trusted Recruitment Partner for all our local hires, we now use them for our National hires as well. If there should ever come a situation whereby you have the chance to work with IN DEMAND and Stefanie Howse, I would seize the moment and opportunity to do so! If anyone should have further questions regarding our experience, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Allan Kinahan

Tempur Sealy Canada Ltd.

Stefanie reflects a long history of success, progressive and innovative leadership style and inspires others – including other recruiters! She exudes leadership and high integrity. Her peers consider her a leader in the Recruitment business. Given the fiercely competitive nature of this business, along with the ongoing demands for superb client service, Stefanie succeeds on all counts. It is with pleasure that I highly recommend her. 

Nancy Bayerle

Mile 20 Recruiting – Washington, DC

Working with Stefanie and her team has always been reliable and professional. We appreciate her knowledge and the commitment her team has in finding suitable candidates. Stefanie and her team screen the applicants very well and present pertinent information we require to make good decisions. We have been working with Stefanie for several years now and plan to continue to do so.

Barbara Steckly

Preferred Client Services Group Ltd.

I have interactions with her on the social media. I have found her to be extremely responsive and mentoring. I wish her all the best for helping companies achieve their goals through her. Manpower is the biggest non tangible asset of an organisation. Her industry knowledge is very good and the challenges to be faced in the changing environment.

Vipul Raval, Candidate

I would recommend Stefanie without hesitation, her work ethic and smart approach to the recruiting process is very impressive and delivers results. Stefanie took the time to understand the requirements of the role and saved me a ton of time by presenting candidates who possessed the traits and characteristics I was looking for in a prospective sales rep.

Kevin Zwar, Previously with Nord Gear

Stefanie is an approachable, excellent listener of your needs. She is very diligent in her research, honest and timely in her communications. Friendly, high customer service, trustworthiness, rapid responsiveness to your questions are a given with her. There absolutely should be no hesitation in contacting Stefanie!

Ryan Salou

Stefanie is knowledgeable, reliable and a great person to work with. She is diligent and thorough with everything that she does. She is the most dedicated recruiter you can work with. She is also a great person outside of work. A great mom and a friend you can always rely on. She brings excellence to everything she does.

Funmi Omole

Stefanie really goes an extra mile for candidates. Her thoughtful and tailored approach along with warm, genuine personality make huge difference and breaks some stereotypes about recruitment businesses. I strongly recommend Stefanie as an esteemed professional who elevated ones career to new heights.

Anatol Parkhomenka

Working with Stefanie is a joy. She is professional, personable and works quickly. I was impressed and would recommend her to anyone looking for a recruiter. I also appreciate how she gives back in the community and shares her talents with charities that may not otherwise be able to access such services.

Layna Haley

We began working with Stefanie and her team in February 2018. They were able to fill five different positions within our company. Stefanie and her team are reliable, professional and very easy to work with. We would not hesitate to use them again to fill any vacancies that may arise.

Pat Nagel

Nagel Tours Ltd.

I have worked with Stefanie for many years. I am a bit different in that I also work in the same industry, but rather than be a competitor, she has been an industry ally. I often refer strong candidates to her and vice versa and her customer service and commitment to clients and candidates in outstanding. She will always go that extra mile for people, and helps to keep this a true people and relationship business. Connecting people is a gift she has!

Miranda Fetter

Eagle Professional Resources

We enjoy working with Stefanie because she and her team spends time to understand who we are, what we look for. At the same time she does the same for all candidates. She stands by her work and is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that her client and the candidate will have a successful relationship.

Hubert Lau

Viewtrak Technologies Inc.

Stefanie is extremely professional and hard-working and always listens to what I (the client) both wants and needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone or company for recruiting purposes. She has went above and beyond for TJ Construction and we will be using her again in the future as necessary.

John Gursoy

TJ Construction Management

Stefanie and IN DEMAND have been a perfect fit for all our recruiting needs. When the labour market is tight we can count on Stefanie to find us the right person for the job! We are confident that when the need arises, IN DEMAND will produce a successful candidate that will be a great fit for our organization.

Alphonse Pilon

Marcson Homes Ltd.


When I was looking for a senior position at another company, Stefanie’s deep network and ability to reach out connected me to a company looking for management depth. I had been looking for a while not feeling I would get a good fit. What Stefanie found (because she listens) was an extremely good fit and has worked well for both parties. Thanks Stefanie.

Luke Hincz

Northwind Land Resources

June 2018

I have recently gone through a lengthy hiring process for a large international industrial player through IN DEMAND Recruitment, and more specifically, Stefanie Howse. Her guidance was top-notch and very professional. I legitimately felt as if she was rooting for me throughout the process and she provided constructive feedback and follow up on a regular basis. If I am ever in the position to run a company someday, I will certainly keep her and her company in mind for my staffing needs.

Je viens de completer un long processus d’embauche pour un grande compagnie industrielle international, grâce à ‘IN DEMAND Recruitment’, et plus particulièrement, Stéfanie Howse. Ses conseils étaient excellents et très professionnels. Je me sentais légitimement comme si elle me soutinait tout au long du processus et elle a fourni des commentaires et un suivi régulièrement. Si je serais en mesure de diriger ma propre entreprise, je chercherai Stéfanie pour les besoins de mon entreprise. Sans aucun doute.

Bill B

August 2017

As a P.Eng primarily experienced in the Oil & Gas sector, I was very eager to diversify my resume and experience. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of sessions with Stefanie where we were able to discuss my goals, ambitions
and background. IN DEMAND was able to match all of what I was looking for, with an opening that was looking for something ‘just like me’. Nonetheless, I am very fortunate to be linked with Stefanie Howse and her team. Furthermore, what really stood out in my mind is that IN DEMAND advocated on behalf of the employer as much (and as well) as they do on behalf of the potential candidate. Definitely a balancing act which IN DEMAND executes flawlessly. I will definitely refer friends and family to Stefanie and her team. Thanks IN DEMAND.

Adnan Malik, P.Eng, APEGA

October 2016

Mrs. Howse,

On behalf of my company I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job In Demand Recruiting and Consulting Inc. has done for us recently!

We have used other recruiting companies in the past to find staff for various positions and while they were mostly successful at filling the positions needed the process was quite cumbersome and frustrating due to limited options put in front of us.

Having gone through these frustrations trying to grow my company I have a new appreciation for using a recruiting company thanks largely because of the high quality and thorough screening your company uses to ensure the candidates we interview are all high calibre and more than qualified for the positions they apply for.

Your company found us 2 exceptional employees that will be valuable assets to our team moving forward and did so with attention to our company’s culture and future growth in mind. I’m beyond words for the level of service you have provided and write this letter to express my sincerest thanks for all you have done for us!

I would highly recommend your company and its services to any business looking to add strong members to its team and look forward to working with you in the future.


Stephen Greene

CEO/ Owner

Allendale – “Renovations Refined”

August 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Howse at IN DEMAND and she was nothing short of brilliant for me. Her attention to detail and willingness to assist were so welcoming and greatly appreciated. Stefanie worked closely with me throughout the process and gave me great feedback and tips which were invaluable. She was always available to assist any way she could and always seemed delighted to speak with me. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity Stefanie has placed me in and I will be forever grateful to her and the team for their tireless work.

Eoin Bathe

June 2016

I am delighted to provide a reference letter regarding IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting.  Stefanie Howse is amazing – always professional and worked very hard to find the right candidate for our clinic.  Stefanie provided support over and above what we have ever experienced with other recruiting agencies.  She is reliable, quick to respond and found excellent candidates that encompassed high level skills for the workplace.  We needed someone quickly but didn’t have to settle on quality.

Stefanie researched what our needs were for the clinic in order to provide an excellent candidate.  The process was efficient and information regarding candidates was comprehensive and professional.

In terms of costs involved with IN DEMAND, I found the pricing lower than competitors and with a more personalized service; you always felt that you were the highest priority.

Overall I would recommend IN DEMAND in a heartbeat.  We can’t thank you enough Stefanie and her staff for all your help!

Kathleen Jones
Professional Audiology Clinic

March 2016

March 2016, is the month of IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. An Edmonton, Alberta boutique executive search firm specializing in “Meeting the Demands of Employers & Job Seekers Around the Globe”. They meet demands by bridging the gap between skills and opportunities. Their professionalism, speediness and focus on quality has made them a reputable name in the world of recruiting.

Stefanie and her team are one of our highest performing agencies in terms of placements, time to accepting new roles and time to suggesting new candidates. They have been professional while engaging with all the employers on Search Party, instilling confidence not only in their own ability, but with Search Party as well. IN DEMAND has been a critical factor to the growth of Search Party in Canada and exemplifies the type of recruitment agency that can be successful in the marketplace.

Make sure to look for the IN DEMAND name when searching for candidates on Search Party.

You’re a star!!

2 or 3 weeks ago, I enlisted the assistance of 2 other agencies within the Houston area; according to the internet, those agencies had high (I’ll use that term loosely) reviews!! 

In those 2 to 3 weeks, I’ve received diddly squat from those agencies.  The holy minute I enlist you and your team, you hit the bricks running and outperform 2 other teams by a mile!

Guess I know who I’m sticking with……………the recruitment star!!

Kendra Hatheway
ICC Compliance Center